What is Betya?

With Betya you can show off your abilities and your skills anytime, anywhere and to everyone. Step into the spotlight while you earn cash.

Whether FIFA on the PlayStation or a match in the billiard hall – Betya captures all bets online or offline.

Anyone can put his personal performance to the test and compete with other players with Betya. Won? Lost?

Based on individual “scores” the ranking illustrates which position each player has.

Betya – thousands of gaming options, whether online or offline:

  • Smartphone-Games
  • XBox, Nintendo, Playstation and Co.
  • Real matches in a billiard hall
  • Real or virtual card & dart tournaments
  • Any event with one winner

So funktioniert Betya

Mit Betya ist es für jeden User besonders einfach, Spiele mit Wetten zum Gewinnen miteinander zu verbinden.

So funktioniert Betya

Mit Betya ist es für jeden User besonders einfach, Spiele mit Wetten zum Gewinnen miteinander zu verbinden.

3 steps to your win!

1. Sign up and create profile 2. Select online or offline game 3. Define bet with wager amount

Fast payout

A virtual player account is opened for each user, to which all mounts won will be credited directly. The credit may be paid to your bank account at any time.

Clear betting and gaming requirements

The player must be of legal age. Players who place bets must indicate the outcome of the game within the given period. Betya then sends a confirmation of the bet information to all concerned.

betting- and game-conditions

10 % of the wagers are kept by betya Betya as a fee.

Bet on anything with your friends

Just think of a bet and send it to your friends in a matter of seconds. Easier than texting!

Share it with everyone

Chat with your friends and upload your results and photos.

Safe betting

We guarantee that your betting account with us is safe before, during and after your bet!

Create betting within seconds!

Whether you want to share your bet only with close friends or the entire Betya community:
We have revolutionized the approach to betting.
From imputing the betting description, to the establishment of the wager amount, the betting odds and the time frame to the selection of your opponents: All that in seconds.

If you have time to send an SMS, you can publish a bet at Betya just as easily!

Promote your bets on social media

Use your social network to find new opponents. Do you want to challenge your friends or colleagues via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter? No problem! Just click on the “Promote” button and publish your bet.

Betya - News

August 17, 2016

Neue Webseite Online

Betya hat endlich die Webseite, die es verdient. Eine großartige Präsentation für ein großartiges Produkt. Aber natürlich ist so eine Webseite nie fertig, sondern gleicht eher einer Dauerbaustelle. Dessen sind wir uns vollkommen bewusst und werden, parallel zur App-Entwicklung, auch die Webseite stetig weiter wachsen lassen!

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